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Whitelistr connects NFT collectors (Whitelistr's) and creators (Mintr's) on one BIG whitelist. Creators can also submit projects to The Mintlist and showcase their collection to the Whitelistr community.

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Mintr's will get to subscribe and access the Whitelist once the target is reached.
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How it works



NFT collectors register as a Whitelistr.

As a whitelistr you're required to complete a survey that will help Mintrs assess you for their project.

If a Mintr chooses you for their campaign they may choose to contact you directly or simply drop a NFT into your wallet.  


NFT creators subscribe as a Mintr.

Access allow Mintr's to view a data set of Whitelistr's. Mintr's can then filter and sort the list to suit their campaign, contact Whitlistrs prior to drops, award NFTs to Whitelistr's on socials and much more. Mintr can also submit their projects to The Mintlist for the Whitelistr community to see.

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The Dreamr

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David List

What's up Whitelistr?

Like you I'm a massive NFT enthusiast. I love collecting but hate spending big dollars, so I would spend hours chasing down new projects on Discord or Twitter, to try and get on their whitelist. It was hard work!

Until one day I had a thought... What if the whitelist could come to me!  

This is how was born.

Oh and if you're wondering, yes it's just me here for the moment. But stay tuned for some more Dreamr's coming onboard.

Target 1000 activated Whitelistr members
Mintr's can subscribe and access Whitelistr's

Road Map

Exclusive giveaway for early adopters
1000 Primelistr tokens to be issued
Primelistrs will unlock awesome rewards